ACE Ghost Lake

Friday, October 12, 2018
7 p.m. - Midnight
Conneaut Lake Park

Join us for 13? Levels of FEAR!

Those who have roamed Conneaut Lake Park at night know that it's a spooky setting on its own, without 160 monsters lurking around every corner. Those who have been to Ghost Lake know that it's a Halloween event unlike any other! The well-organized Ghost Lake involves visits to each of "13 Levels of Fear," in a tour through the park that takes about two hours. Join your fellow ACE and DAFE members for a tour that will include the following 13 stops (and veteran attendees should note that there have been some changes!)

Thir13en Ghosts - 13 tortured souls are brought together to open hell

Burning Hill - Can you escape the brethren?

Death Row - Step into the mind of a serial killer

Forget Me Not Antiques - If you survive your visit, you'll never forget it

Deja Vu - History is always doomed to repeat itself (Freddy's coming for you)

Phobia - it's just not in your mind anymore (we hope you don't have a fear of spiders)

Scaryland Forest - not your typical walk through the woods

Terror Down Under II - Going down?

The Ice - you'll be chilled to the bone

The Dark Circus & Sideshow - It's scary what a smile can hide.

The Bayou - Evil deeds done dirt cheap


Devil's Den - The Ride straight out of hell!

Blue Streak Ghoster Coaster - In absolute darkness, rest assured that this ACE Roller Coaster Landmark and ACE Coaster Classic will deliver one of the most wicked coaster experiences on planet earth!
A SCARY Schedule

This is an informal event, and while there’s no formal schedule of activities, there is an opportunity to enjoy it with your fellow enthusiasts. Ghost Lake is open from 7 p.m. to midnight, but since guests visit the 13 levels of fear in a particular order, those wanting to participate as a group should meet outside of the main entrance at 7:15p.m. with the intention of entering the park at 7:30 p.m. Those choosing to do so will also receive a special discount (see section at top right). The meeting point for ACE and DAFE members will be the ground-level Conneaut Lake Park sign that is across the street from the main parking lot and somewhat near the roadway and pond area, prior to the park admission booths. As you’re looking at the front gate area, the sign is toward the right, directly along the path you would take after crossing the road from the main parking lot. Bill Linkenheimer and other members of the ACE Western Pennsylvania regional rep team will serve as on-site coordinators. Look for them when you arrive.

A Special SPOOKY Discount

A $5 discount will be given to all ACE and DAFE members as well as their non-member guests, making the admission price $20 per person (a better discount than with coupons distributed locally). Admission will also be expedited for ACE and DAFE members. To take advantage of these benefits, please note the following:

• Participants must enter the park together. 7:30 p.m. is the schedule entry time.

• Participants are asked to arrive by 7:15 p.m. and meet at the ground-level Conneaut Lake Park sign near the entrance, across the road from the main parking lot (described in detail in the "Schedule" section at bottom left).

• Bill Linkenheimer and other members of the ACE Western Pennsylvania regional rep team are the on-site coordinators and will lead the group to the appropriate window/person to get the discount. Please look for them and follow their lead.

CASH ONLY – no credit cards
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